Mum-of-three, 51, who became ‘horribly ill’ on night out fears her drink was spiked

Mum-of-three Hannah Cornwall, 51, was out with friends in Newquay when she became “horribly ill” and thinks it was because her drink was spiked

A 51-year-old mum who became “horribly ill” during a night out fears her drink was spiked.

Hannah Cornwall was out with friends in the Cornish town of Newquay when she said her drink was laced.

She said she cannot recall much about what happened but believes her drink was spiked while it was left unattended.

“I remember looking back at my drink on the table and thinking I was drinking so slowly, whilst my other friends had already finished theirs,” Hannah recalled.

“After I came back and finished my drink we carried on having a normal evening but then my friend said one minute I was talking normally but the next minute my head was on the table and I couldn’t lift my head off.

“My memory is quite random at this point but I remember my legs feeling heavy.

“I kept saying was that I was so embarrassed and I couldn’t move.”

Hannah’s friends said she later became “horribly ill”, so they called a taxi to take her home.

She added: “We all just thought I’d had one too many but the next day, I was talking to another friend and I said how I just couldn’t understand what happened.

“We were just trying to make sense of it all and she said she knows that I can normally drink more than three drinks.

“That’s when she turned to me and said she thinks I was drugged.

“When she said it, I knew that’s what had happened.

“I just didn’t think I would ever be the target of anything like that because I’m 51-years-old.”

As a mum of three, Hannah says she is now “petrified” it could happen to them, too.

“I’ve always been the kind of mother that says they need to be careful and watch their drinks, so I have always been aware that it happens,” she said.

“But what I wasn’t aware of what how commonplace it is and that the perpetrators are not discriminate about who they drug.

“When I put up a post on Facebook about it around four to five weeks ago when it happened, I was absolutely gobsmacked by how many people private messaged me to say that it’s happened to them too and it’s happened to men and women.”

Hannah revealed she did not want to tell the bar about the incident or report it to the police because she felt ashamed about what happened.

She said she felt “dirty” about being the victim of an alleged spiking, but encouraged others to speak to the Women’s Centre Cornwall.

The organisation, which is based in Bodmin, works with different agencies to support women and girls who have experienced violence, assault or abuse.

They have organised a ‘Reclaim the Night’ protest to end male violence against women in Newquay on December 3.

“This is not a protest I have arranged myself and I know drink drugging happens to both men and women but I encourage anyone who has ever had their drink drugged to attend and we can help combat this issue,” Hannah added.