Sisters Recreate Adorable Photo – With Daughters Stepping into Roles That Dreamed of Motherhood

Two sisters got pregnant around the same time—enabling them to recreate this adorable childhood photo of them, when they were dreaming of becoming mothers, and placed balloons under their nightgowns.

35-year-old Bri Dietz and her 33-year-old sister, Chaulet Barba, were ecstatic when they discovered they were both expecting.

Then, Bri immediately remembered a photo taken when the pair were just four and six years old, pretending to be pregnant with balloon bumps.

She knew that moment had to be recreated—so once they were both sporting bumps, they took a matching snap.

Bri gave birth to her daughter Goldie Dietz first, and a few months later Chaulet had Gemma.

To complete the circle, the new toddler cousins posed with balloons tucked under clothes in a photo identical to their moms’.

On Instagram Bri said, “It was so special to go through it together. It was actually a dream come true.

“It made it feel not only like it came full circle from playing as a kid, but it felt like a special sister moment. We got lucky to have a chance to recreate that.”

Bri and Chaulet were very close growing up, playing dolls and pretending to be mommies, and even now they talk on the phone every day.

“We chose to share a twin bed every night even though we each had our own,” said Bri, from San Diego, California.

Nurse Chaulet lives in Walnut Creek, about seven hours away from her sister, but they both knew they had to recreate that one funny photo from their childhood.

It immediately cropped up in her brain, 25 years later and she dug around until she found it.

Bri said of the image, “I hope it makes people remember that sweet time when you’re in this little world of your own with your siblings—a bond and a core is always there between us.”