The Quilling Art Workbook



Step-by-step projects and awesome design patterns to improve your skills, which allow you to create amazing art pieces. This book titled quilling art is written for beginners that wish to have knowledge on how to quill paper designs for decoration; you might probably be reading and learning just for fun or maybe for your sense of achievement in making your own designs, or perhaps to earn income starting your little business.



I’m sure you are ready to educate yourself about how quilling art is done, but you have short and confused ideas on how to make use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create series of decorative designs. If so, you are reading the right book that will enlighten you on how to quill your designs professionally.

Here is a snippet of what this book contains:

  • A well-detailed introduction to quilling art
  • The mythology of quilling art
  • The necessary equipment needed to begin with quilling art
  • Fundamental quilling art technique that is essential for you to know
  • Simple quilling project to get you started
  • How to quill into beautiful interior designs of your choice
  • Projects that you might find interesting
  • Quilling art wall
  • And many, many more!

Here are a few of the things, but there is a lot more!